Skills Gap Analysis and Trip Times

What is the relative difficulty or ease in closing the skills gap between two occupations? Our work broke new ground in developing a skills gap model that measures the time to change from one occupation to another. We call this the trip time. It is a great advance because it provides job seekers and counselors an easily understandable measure of the gap between their current occupation and a new one they may want to pursue.


Trip Time Tool

This interactive database is designed to estimate the preparation time required to transition from one occupation to another.

PDF Auto Occupation Trip Time Reports

View trip times to other occupations that are green and growing (Dropdown is sorted by SOC code).

Training Program Database

A tri-state training program database for green and growing occupations complements the trip time results. After a displaced worker generates a set of suitable alternative occupations, he or she can match those occupations with postsecondary educational, technical and vocational programs in the region.


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