Driving Workforce Change: Regional Impact and Implications of Auto Industry Transformation to a Green Economy

Published in May 2011, this report explores how the auto industry is evolving, the impacts that is having on automakers and the supply chain, and alternative career pathways for the displaced workforce.

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Executive Summary

1. Introduction

  • 1.1 This Study: Rationale and Objectives

2. The Auto Industry Transformation: Dimensions of Change

  • 2.1 Powertrain and Fuels
  • 2.2 Materials and Forming
  • 2.3 Electronics, Software and Controls

3. Employer Responses to Auto Industry Changes

  • 3.1 Automakers and Tier 1 Suppliers
  • 3.2 Supply Chain Transformation among Small Firms
  • 3.3 Implications on Supply and Demand for Skills
  • 3.4 Educational Programs
  • 3.5 High-Road Production Strategies

4. Who Are the Displaced Workers?

  • 4.1 Job Change by Occupation
  • 4.2 Demographics and Education for Affected Workers
  • 4.3 Finding Work

5. Are Green Jobs the Future?

  • 5.1 Green Jobs Survey Results
  • 5.2 Recent Trends in Green-Related Industries
  • 5.3 Occupational Prospects for the Future

6. Career Pathway Clusters

  • 6.1 What Are Career Pathway Clusters?
  • 6.2 The Seven Pathway Clusters
  • 6.3 Finding and Closing the Skills Gap

7. Closing the Skills Gap

  • 7.1 Measuring Skills Gaps
  • 7.2 Results of the Trip Time Method
  • 7.3 Trip Times for Automotive Occupations
  • 7.4 Closing the Skills Gap

8. Conclusion: Workforce Implications

  • 8.1 Employer Challenges
  • 8.2 Workforce Challenges

Appendix A: Auto-Related Degree Programs in the Tri-State Region

Appendix B: Green Automaker Investments in the Tri-State Region, 2010-2011 Announcements

Appendix C: Supplier Survey Methodology

Appendix D: Assessing the Green Jobs Survey Results

Appendix E: Occupational Prospects by O*NET Green Categories

Appendix F: Project Team and Contacts


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